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Hold Your Own

This game is about finding yourself stranded on an island and fighting the elements, gathering resources and seeing if you have what it takes. You might encounter hunters and animals that you'll have to fight with to claim resources and expand building capabilities. Since launching, we've added quests in single-player and a NEW multiplayer mode without quests.

We wanted to make a survival game that’s not about feeling like you are on the verge of dying, while fighting off and defending your base. In Hold Your Own it’s easier to find food and water, but AI is harder to kill and coming after you. We want players to have fun, build their base so they can spend their time on fun quests and killing AI.

Key Features:
Single or Multiplayer mode
Character Hunger, Thirst, Body Temperature Mechanics, weather systems
Base Building
Ferry Mechanics to travel from one island to another
Crafting Items
Food Cooking Mechanics
Power/Electricity Mechanics
Gathering Resources
Mining and refining of ores
Arms Dealer
Kill AI Enemies
Animal Husbandry
Day/Night Cycle
Weather Cycle